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Employer Accolades
Last Updated: 10/10/06

Read what other companies have to say about telecommuting

Stamford, CT

"Telecommuting certainly can be one of the most successful flexible work arrangements."

New Haven, CT

"The Hospital of Saint Raphael's been partnering with Telecommute Connecticut for five years. It's been an excellent relationship."

North Haven, CT

"With Telecommute Connecticut you don't need to be afraid. They set you up so that you're not going to fail."

Smith Brothers Insurance

Glastonbury, CT

"New professional people that we're recruiting, ask about telecommuting. They want the option to telecommute, so it's not an option for us any longer."

Glastonbury, CT

"It was soon after meeting the folks from Telecommute Connecticut that we really realized that we had a gem in hand and they could really help us out."
Stirling Benefits
James Stirling, Vice President
Milford, CT

Telecommute CT Offers Expert Analysis
I'd absolutely recommend that any company talk to Telecommute Connecticut. If nothing else, they can try to help you and if they can't and it's not appropriate for you, what have you lost? But Telecommute Connecticut helped us. They raised questions that we never would have thought to ask. And they helped us with answers that we would have had to find out with trial and error.

Telecommute CT Consultants Are Pros
We were very impressed with the knowledge of the Telecommute Connecticut staff, their flexibility, and their ability to meet with us when we needed them to. They really were dedicated to helping us make it work.

Telecommute CT's Guidance Is Key to Success
Telecommute Connecticut gave us the expertise to proceed with our business model. If it wasn't for Telecommute Connecticut we would have stumbled having employees work at home.

Telecommuters Enjoy Productivity and Balance
I find that telecommuting is a real productivity enhancer. It enables people to get their really difficult, technical jobs done at home where there's a lot peace and quiet whereas in the office there is a lot more interruption. They're able to focus on difficult tasks that require concentration time. I also find it to be a big stress reducer for the employee. It provides them a good balance between their home life and their work life.

Telecommute CT's Free Services Are Invaluable
Even though it didn't cost us anything, the whole experience working with Telecommute Connecticut was tremendously valuable for us. Helped our management, helped our HR people, even helped the managers who these telecommute employees are now reporting to. Helped them all understand this new way of doing work.

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