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Recruitment and Retention

There is no one magic solution to attract and retain good workers. Rather, it's a combination of several effective strategies. One formula followed by many firms with the best staff and the lowest turnover rates is a simple one: determine what employees want, and then give it to them wherever possible. Interestingly, this often does not mean paying higher salaries but offering challenging, supportive and flexible work environments.

A significant proportion of today's workers place an increasingly high value on telecommuting. Realizing this, many companies have made telecommuting a major component of their recruitment and retention strategies.

Telecommuting has proven to be a good recruitment and retention tool because it:

  • attracts the best and brightest candidates to the hardest-to-fill jobs
  • increases the flexibility to staff during peak workloads
  • helps to retain key employees who otherwise might leave the organization
  • reduces the cost and time of recruiting and retraining replacements
  • helps employees achieve work-life balance and reduces their costs and stress
  • helps organizations gain access to workers anywhere in the world
  • reduces turnover during relocations; an employee who must move geographically due to a job change by another family member may still be available through telecommuting
  • allows some employees on maternity leave to continue doing some of their work, and requires less retraining when they return to work full time
  • attracts highly qualified retired workers; many of these may be available to work part time, but not if it means fighting traffic
  • attracts talented workers who may already be employed, but who are available to moonlight, as well as those who live in remote locations and rural areas
  • increases overall employee productivity
  • attracts, retains and accommodates sick or disabled employees

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