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Case Studies

Some of Connecticut's successful telecommuting programs

Hospital of Saint Raphael

Hospital of Saint Raphael
Faced with strong competition for qualified talent, the hospital put together a successful telecommuting program to help avoid outsourcing and keep the important medical information function in-house.

The Pension Service

The Pension Service
Started offering telecommuting to retain skilled employees and improve the company's ability to compete with larger insurance companies in attracting qualified staff by offering more flexibility to help with work/life balance.

Smith Brothers Insurance
Telecommute Connecticut assisted this company with a pilot program to retain a high-quality employee. The program was an overwhelming success, and today, nearly every company employee telecommutes.

Learn how Cigna�s telecommute program provided more efficient ways to utilize real estate and reduce employee overhead costs.

Sikorsky Aircraft
In 1996 Sikorsky has a telecommute program in place, but nobody took advantage of it. Telecommute Connecticut assisted Sikorsky with educating managers and employees, as well as help the company improve its telecommute best practices.

Telecommute Connecticut helped Cannondale implement a telecommute program to attract talent beyond state lines.

Gregory & Howe
Gregory & Howe looked to Telecommute Connecticut when it was running out of office space and needed a cost-effective solution. Telecommute Connecticut helped Gregory Howe develop a program that made it possible to remain in its location � saving a great deal of money on relocation costs and increased rent.

Company management wanted to expand Aetna's visibility as an employer of choice. With the strength of Aetna's infrastructure, supportive management and enabling technologies, telework quickly grew into a companywide initiative.

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