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National Telework Week Nets Nearly $3M in Savings
Teleworking -- even as little as two days per week -- has turned a corner, according to a study conducted during National Telework Week. More than 60 percent of organizations surveyed said that management is more open to allowing employees to work remotely than they were just one year ago.

President Signs Telework Enhancement Act of 2010
President Obama signed H.R. 1722, the Telework Enhancement Act of 2010, into law. The legislation gives more federal workers the option of working from home or locations outside the office.

Boehringer Ingelheim Finds Telecommuting Key To Work Place Of The Future
"Approximately 20 percent of Boehringer Ingelheim's Ridgefield work force telecommutes at least one day a week", adds Hardiman. "Telecommuting is a big plus for the company and our employees."

New Connecticut law seeks to reduce traffic with telecommuting
Proponents of a new Connecticut law are hoping it will increase the number of state workers who telecommute and improve their productivity, while reducing traffic congestion and fuel costs.

Best Practices in IT for the Telecommuter: Preventive Steps to Save Costs and Productivity
In-house IT staff and telecommuters must work together to keep off-site computers functioning properly and according to company standards.

During Flu Season, Telecommuting Combats "Presenteeism"
Sick employees in the office may cost companies less if they stay home

Telecommuting Effectively Meets Temporary Needs
Solutions to work interruptions in a variety of special circumstances

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Latest telecommuting trends, research and statistics.

Telecommuters gain in numbers
As gas prices squeeze wallets and ever-powerful mobile technologies become smaller and more cost effective, telecommuting has become a valuable and productive option for businesses.

Telecommuting Revs Up as More Employers Offer Work Flexibility
The number of U.S. employees who worked remotely at least one day per month increased 39 percent the past two years.

2008 Survey Shows Private-Sector Telecommuting Growth Nears Federal Level
Federal Ability to Maintain Operations During Disruptions Still Outpaces Private Sector
According to the national survey, private-sector employers have taken significant steps to expand telecommuting initiatives, and private-sector telework adoption is approaching the Federal level.

Survey Looks At Ill Effects of Sick Employees At Work
With flu season under way, employers are gearing up for more sick employees dragging themselves - and their germs - in to work.

Telecommuting Saves $10K Per Employee Yearly
Businesses that let 100 employees work half of their time from home can save more than $1 million a year according to Telework Research Network's (TRN) latest study of telework programs and their benefits.

Report: Without Pricey Commute, Teleworkers Work Better, Longer
When employees are allowed to work from home, they reward their employers with hours of extra work time. That's one of the findings from a survey of participants in The Clean Air Campaign's Telework Leadership Initiative, the largest telework pilot program ever undertaken in metro Atlanta.

Analysis Shows Telecommuting Can Cut Persian Gulf Oil Use By Almost Half
Thirty-three million Americans could work from home. If they did, the U.S. could make major cuts in oil dependency and significantly reduce global warming.

Majority of Companies Have Made Policy Changes for Working Parents
Raising a family while working can be a challenge for most parents, but it seems many businesses are lending a helping hand.

More Telecommuting in 2008 Job Forecast
CareerBuilder.com, a national online job site, just released its 2008 Employment Forecast, which has some good news for would-be telecommuters.

Researchers Say Telecommuting has Mostly Positive Consequences for Employees and Employers
Flexible work arrangements give workers more control over their environment, which helps performance and overall job satisfaction

Telecommuting Gaining Ground
Study Shows More IT Employees Working Remotely Today Than Five Years Ago

Connecticut Embraces Practice of Telecommuting
According to a recent Telecommute Connecticut survey, more than 158,000 Connecticut residents work from home at least one day a month - an 86 percent jump from just five years ago.

Telework Trending Upward, Survey Says
The number of Americans whose employer allows them to work remotely at least one day per month increased 63 percent, from 7.6 million in 2004 to 12.4 million in 2006, according to a recent report issued by WorldatWork.

Telecommuting Proves to be a Worthy Work/Life Policy
Today, companies of all sizes are helping their employees manage a better balance between work and home responsibilities by offering telecommuting, and other benefits, according to a survey by the Human Resources & Investor Solutions division of the Mellon Financial Corporation.

National Survey Finds 11 Percent of Employees Telecommute
Over 10.6 million people - 11 percent of the workforce - telecommute full or part-time, according to the 2005/2006 National Technology Readiness Survey (NTRS).

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