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More Telecommuting in 2008 Job Forecast

CareerBuilder.com, a national online job site, just released its 2008 Employment Forecast, which has some good news for would-be telecommuters.

Number two among the eight major employment trends for 2008 is more flexible work arrangements. Desperate to find and retain good people, almost 40 percent of employers plan to be more flexible in 2008.

  • 78 percent will offer alternate schedules - come in early and leave early or come in later and leave later
  • 38 percent will offer compressed workweeks - work the same hours, but in fewer days
  • 33 percent will offer telecommuting/work-from-home options

Fourth on the list of eight major employment trends was rehiring or retaining retirees. Nearly three out of ten (29 percent) of all respondents report concern over the loss of intellectual capital in their organizations as a large number of Baby Boomers approach retirement age.

  • 21 percent say they are likely to rehire retirees from other companies in 2008
  • 14 percent are likely to provide incentives for workers at or approaching retirement age to stay on with the company longer

Harris Interactive, on behalf of CareerBuilder.com, conducted the survey online. The full survey report can be found here.

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