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Management Proposals

Telecommute Proposal
Securing senior management buy-in and support is essential in getting a telecommuting program out of the talking stage, though the proposal phase and into operation. In order to secure senior management buy-in, you need to develop well-organized, well thought-out telecommuting proposals that address key issues and concerns.

Here are guidelines for the issues that should be addressed in an effective telecommuting management proposal:

What is telecommuting?
Create a working definition that everyone can easily understand.

What are the benefits?
Clearly explain the benefits to the company, the employees and the community.

What are the business needs?
Build a business case for telecommuting and specify the business needs that will be satisfied by your program. If you identify one or more compelling reasons for telecommuting (such as increasing productivity, attracting and/or retaining employees, reducing office space), you'll have a better chance of selling the idea.

Who should telecommute?
Not all work is "portable" and not all employees are good candidates for telecommuting. You need to identify the departments, jobs and tasks that best lend themselves to telecommuting and establish eligibility criteria accordingly.

What are the costs?
Estimate what it will cost to enable your employees to work off-site. Include any technology resources that you need but don't currently have.

What will we save?
Estimate the financial benefits to the company and the specific areas in which a telecommuting program will achieve measurable cost savings.

How will the program work?
Even though the proposal stage is early in the game, you need to give senior management a reasonable idea of how you see your telecommuting program working. Let management know when you'll be ready, how you plan to roll out the program, how you will monitor it and how and when you will report the results. Telecommute Connecticut consultants can help you develop effective telecommuting management proposals. Contact us at 1-800-255-7433 or [email protected].

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