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-- New Survey Reveals Number of Telecommuters Has Risen 86% in Connecticut --

NEW HAVEN, CONN. -- According to a recent Telecommute Connecticut survey, more than 158,000 Connecticut residents work from home at least one day a month - an 86 percent jump from just five years ago.

"This is exciting news that supports the State's goals to help decrease traffic congestion, energy consumption and air pollution," said Jean T. Stimolo, program manager for Telecommute Connecticut - a Connecticut Department of Transportation program that provides employers with free assistance to design, develop and implement telecommuting programs.

"We're thrilled with what we've learned from our most recent survey," said Stimolo.  "The results confirm our belief that telecommuting is gaining traction throughout the state."

The new findings demonstrate that telecommuting does in fact work.  Ninety-five percent of the people surveyed are positive about their telecommuting experiences for various reasons, including work/life balance, enjoyment and not having to commute as the three leading benefits (details on page 2).  Employers state productivity gains (38.2%), reduced turnover (34.5%) and reduced traffic/congestion (25.5%) as top benefits*.

"Working from home often means working smarter," said Governor M. Jodi Rell.  "With the technology available to everyone today, telecommuting is increasingly a better choice for individuals and their employers.  It means less cars on our highways and it eliminates the commuting portion of the workday while actually increasing productivity."

"We're pleased with these numbers," said Commissioner Ralph J. Carpenter of the Connecticut Department of Transportation.  "Nearly 60,000 cars are off our roadways every day.  The fewer cars on the roadways, the less traffic congestion.  This leads to a host of benefits, including reduced pollution and energy consumption.  The bottom line is the State, employers and employees all see benefits."

"The survey gives a clear picture of the viability of telecommuting in Connecticut," said Stimolo. "Telecommute Connecticut looks forward to helping even more employers get the benefits of telecommuting and become an employer of choice."

Anyone interested in learning more is encouraged to call Telecommute Connecticut at 800.255.7433.

* Cited from the "Connecticut Business Industry Association 2006 Fairfield /Westchester County Business Survey."

Release: March 26, 2007 -
Media Contact: Shannon Eterginio, (860) 677-5031

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