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New Haven, CT
Hospital of Saint Raphael
Business Issue
The medical records department started a telecommuting program in 2002 to retain and attract qualified staff. The hospital was competing with many facilities for qualified talent but wanted to keep the important medical information function in-house and avoid outsourcing.

Telecommuting Solution
Telecommute Connecticut consultants partnered with the hospital to:
  • Develop a plan for implementing a telecommuting program and determine if it was viable.
  • Create a self-selection process for employees to figure out if they could telecommute.
  • Establish proper telecommuting policies and procedures.
  • Customize the program through one-on-one assistance to ensure that the program would meet the hospital's needs and operate smoothly
Key Telecommuting Challenge
It was important that the right mechanisms be in place to identify potential telecommuters and maintain consistency in implementing telecommuting arrangements. Development of the self-selection process has been the key to choosing employees who are well-suited to completing their work from a remote location. In addition, the creation and enforcement of a telecommuting contract for all telecommuters has been critical in ensuring that work practices and procedures are consistently followed.

Telecommuting Results
  • Employee job satisfaction has led to retention of valued, qualified staff.
  • The availability of telecommuting has helped the Hospital of Saint Raphael become an employer of choice in attracting qualified talent in the highly competitive medical info field; in a recent recruitment effort, telecommuting was a key selling point. A form was developed for payroll purposes that is now used throughout entire hospital.
  • The entire medical records department remains productive because telecommuting ensures the availability of a robust staff to handle the volume of work.
  • The original processes and documents developed byTelecommute Connecticut consultants are still in place; it continues to be easy to monitor current telecommuters and start new telecommuters.
  • The hospital's flexibility has a positive impact on morale of non-telecommuters as well as telecommuters.
"Bringing telecommuting to the Hospital of Saint Raphael is one of my proudest career accomplishments. Telecommute Connecticut helped to make our vision a reality."
    - Karen Lawler, Director Health Information, Hospital of Saint Raphael

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