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Employer Accolades
Last Updated: 10/10/06

Read what other companies have to say about telecommuting

Stamford, CT

"Telecommuting certainly can be one of the most successful flexible work arrangements."

New Haven, CT

"The Hospital of Saint Raphael's been partnering with Telecommute Connecticut for five years. It's been an excellent relationship."

North Haven, CT

"With Telecommute Connecticut you don't need to be afraid. They set you up so that you're not going to fail."

Smith Brothers Insurance

Glastonbury, CT

"New professional people that we're recruiting, ask about telecommuting. They want the option to telecommute, so it's not an option for us any longer."

Milford, CT

"Telecommute Connecticut gave us the expertise to proceed with our business model."
American Nuclear Insurers
Mark Poirier
Glastonbury, CT

Telecommute CT Provides Excellent Assistance
Our experience with Telecommute Connecticut was a positive experience. They helped us to fully realize the opportunity for the telecommute program at American Nuclear Insurers and they helped us create that program and enhance it.

Telecommute CT's Free Services Are Invaluable
Telecommute Connecticut came to us as a consulting firm asking for no fees. And fundamentally we at first were skeptical because you don't get something for nothing. But it was soon after meeting the folks from Telecommute Connecticut that we really realized that we had a gem in hand and they could really help us out.

Work Life Balance
Fundamentally the benefit that I see to this staff is that the telecommute program allows them to balance their work life with their personal life.

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