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Employer Accolades
Last Updated: 10/10/06

Read what other companies have to say about telecommuting

Stamford, CT

"Telecommuting certainly can be one of the most successful flexible work arrangements."

New Haven, CT

"The Hospital of Saint Raphael's been partnering with Telecommute Connecticut for five years. It's been an excellent relationship."

Smith Brothers Insurance

Glastonbury, CT

"New professional people that we're recruiting, ask about telecommuting. They want the option to telecommute, so it's not an option for us any longer."

Milford, CT

"Telecommute Connecticut gave us the expertise to proceed with our business model."

Glastonbury, CT

"It was soon after meeting the folks from Telecommute Connecticut that we really realized that we had a gem in hand and they could really help us out."
The Pension Service
Michele Henry, Executive Vice President
North Haven, CT

Telecommute CT Understands An Employer's Needs
I would absolutely recommend Telecommute Connecticut because, number one, they understand the situation. They are looking to make this easy for the employer. It certainly benefits the employees. But I felt that their focus was on the employer. To help the employer set this up in a way that was going to be successful. And that's exactly what it did. Again, step by step, held our hands, told us what we needed to do and just made it happen.

Telecommute CT's Free Services Are First Rate
When I heard that this was a free service I definitely thought, "Well, we've got nothing to lose but a little bit of our time." I was so impressed by what was given for free I kept thinking, "How do they do this? How do they do this, for free?" It is sad that more people don't have a way to find out about it because it is such a good tool.

Telecommute CT Focuses on Success
With Telecommute Connecticut you don't need to be afraid. They set you up so that you're not going to fail.

Telecommute CT Helped Prepare Us
Telecommute Connecticut did put together such a nice package for us. Helped us train the staff and the managers, both separately and together. We were well prepared to go into this. And we have found that being a small company doesn't in any way eliminate us from being a good candidate for telecommuting.

A Key Employee Benefit
We love being able to offer telecommuting as a benefit. But the candidates out there are looking for medical benefits, 401K plan, telecommuting, flexibility, flexible schedules. It's all one big package now. It's one of the questions that a lot of people do ask early in an interview.

A Valuable Recruiting Tool
By being able to offer employees telecommuting, we have a broader area from which we can select candidates. We've had people who were valuable candidates but too far away. The drive was too far, whether they were Fairfield County or southern Massachusetts. But if they're only coming in two or three days a week, they're willing to make that drive.

Sick Days Aren't Always Lost Days
A lot of people who are here care very much about they work they do. And they don't want to get behind. So being out sick sets them up for a real mess when they come back. So for them to even be able to work half days at home if they're not feeling that well, again, benefits both of us.

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