Here's what employers have told us about their first hand experience with telecommuting and increased productivity:

20 - 30 Percent Productivity Increase
"Market research suggests that there is a twenty to thirty percent increase in productivity from telecommuting. We have found that at Saint Raphael's too."
- Karen Lawler; Hospital of Saint Raphael, New Haven, CT

Studies Show Increased Productivity
"Studies have shown that telecommuting results in increased productivity, reduced stress, and greater employee satisfaction."
- Ed Houghton, Director - Workforce Effectiveness; Pitney Bowe; Stamford, CT

Telecommuting is a Real Productivity Enhancer
"I find that telecommuting is a real productivity enhancer. It enables people to get their really difficult, technical jobs done at home where there's a lot peace and quiet whereas in the office there is a lot more interruption. They're able to focus on difficult tasks that require concentration time."
- James Stirling, Vice President - Stirling Benefits;, Milford, CT

Smith Brothers Insurance

Addition by Subtraction
"Absenteeism has decreased tremendously. A lot of times people will call me in the morning and say, "I just don't feel well." And in the past they would have struggled to come in to work. Now they keep their germs at home and they get their jobs done at the same time."
- Kim Connolly, Vice-President - Smith Brothers Insurance; Glastonbury, CT

Sick Days aren't Lost Days
"A lot of people who are here care very much about they work they do. And they don't want to get behind. So being out sick sets them up for a real mess when they come back. So for them to even be able to work half days at home if they're not feeling that well, again, benefits both of us."
- Michele Henry, Executive Vice President - The Pension Service; North Haven, CT

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