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ATA - American Telecommuting Association
Millions of people in the United States and around the world are discovering the power, the pleasure, and the productivity improvement that comes with Telecommuting to work. This is your invitation to join us and get your share of these benefits, and the even broader benefits of Membership in a full-service association.

Canadian Telework Association
The Canadian Telework Association (CTA) is a Canadian non-profit telework association dedicated to promoting telework in Canada. Our membership includes individuals, small businesses, corporations and governments, who wish to share information or best practices.

Connecticut Technology Council
The Connecticut Technology Council is a partnership of Connecticut providers and users of technology committed to growing and diversifying the state's technology base. The council is an advocate for technology businesses, and the science, technology, business, education and public policy issues relevant to the interests of its members.

ITAC - International Telework Association and Council

Europe's Telework Association
The European Community Telework/Telematics Forum is the framework across European Union member states for concertation on telework and related telematics applications. The ECTF promotes teleworking and the exchange and dissemination of information between telework projects and organisations interested in telework. These actions are carried out by means of seminars, conferences and publications.

MATAC - The Metro Atlanta Telecommuting Advisory Council

InnoVisions Canada and the Canadian Telework Association
Site is shared by the Canadian Telework Association (CTA), a non-profit association dedicated to promoting telework in Canada, and by InnoVisions Canada, consultants specializing in flexible work arrangements.

SHRM - Society for Human Resource Management

Southern Connecticut Shapter of SHRM

Interagency Telework/Telecommuting Site
The joint General Services Administration/Office of Personnel Management web site on Telework/Telecommuting. These two agencies have established this location to provide access to guidance issued by both agencies.

The Telework Coalition
Dedicated to the Advancement of Telework and Telecommuting and Those Who Support Us. Through our efforts we will help the number of teleworkers and telecommuters grow to reach what we feel is its true potential. We will create opportunities for the businesses and services that support our efforts and us, and have invested so much time and money developing the tools and technologies necessary to establish successful telework programs.

TSHBI - Telecommuting Safety Health Benefits Institute
This site advocates the safety and health benefits of telecommuting.