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Annual survey shows americans are working from many different locations outside their employer's office

Results Presented by ITAC From The Dieringer Research Group's 2004 - 2005 American Interactive Consumer Survey

ITAC, the Telework Advisory Group for WorldatWork, reports that millions of Americans are working in a variety of different locations outside of their employer's office. This result is based on research conducted for ITAC by The Dieringer Research Group as part of Dieringer's 2005 American Interactive Consumer Survey.

The national survey was conducted from August 15 - September 1, 2005. The survey asked respondents to check up to 13 different locations where they may have conducted work in the past month. The survey found that out of 135.4 million American workers:
  • 45.1 million worked from home,
  • 24.3 million people worked at client's or customer's place of business,
  • 20.6 million in their car,
  • 16.3 million while on vacation,
  • 15.1 million at a park or outdoor location, and
  • 7.8 million while on a train or airplane
Among the 45.1 million Americans working from home, the average number of locations they work from is 3.4.

This survey demonstrates that millions of Americans are embracing telework - the ability to work from anywhere. Other terms relating to telework include telecommuting (work at home), virtual work and mobile work.

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