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Survey Finds Many Employers Trying to Alleviate Impact of High Gas Prices on Staff

37 Percent Allow Increased Telecommuting

Employees who are feeling pain at the pump may find help from their employers. Seventy-five percent of executives polled by Robert Half International Inc. said their firms are taking action to reduce the impact of higher gas prices on their teams. The most common changes* reported included:
  • 47 percent increasing expense guidelines for employee-incurred mileage costs
  • 37 percent allowing staff to telecommute more frequently
  • 35 percent encouraging ridesharing
* multiple responses were allowed

"Companies are always looking for tools to help maintain morale and reduce turnover," said Max Messmer, Chairman and CEO of Robert Half International Inc. "Easing the burden of escalating gas prices can help them accomplish both objectives." Additionally, Robert Half International surveyed workers to see how escalating gas prices were affecting their routines. Thirty-four percent of workers have had their commutes or work arrangements affected by higher fuel costs. Workers who said their commutes or work arrangements have been effected by higher gas prices indicated what changes they have made* including:
  • 34 percent increased ridesharing (carpools or vanpools)
  • 33 percent looked for a job closer to home
  • 29 percent asked for increased compensation
  • 29 percent were working from office locations closer to home
  • 23 percent are telecommuting more frequently
* multiple responses were allowed

The surveys were developed by Robert Half International Inc., a staffing service specializing in accounting, finance and information technology, and were conducted by an independent research firm. The survey of managers includes responses from 150 executives with the nation's 1,000 largest companies. The survey of workers includes responses from 591 individuals 18 years of age or older and employed full or part time.

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