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Telecommuting Means Billions in Savings
Kate Lister has come up with some impressive figures when it comes to the amount of money that could be saved by switching U.S. employees who have jobs compatible with telecommuting to actually working from home for at least half of their working time.

With telecommuting, snow days no longer offer a break from work
Faster computers, broadband connections and free public Wi-Fi are taking the fun out of snow days.

Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk Named Best Cities For Telecommuting
The Intel Corporation recently released a study, conducted by Sperling's BestPlaces, spotlighting cities across the country that hold the greatest potential for telecommuting.

Government Report Shows: "Telework Works"
What do a budget analyst and medical librarian have in common? They both work for the federal government and telework successfully. These and other federal workers are presented as examples of the benefits of telework in an Office of Personnel Management (OPM) study called: "Telework Works: A Compendium of Success Stories". OPM undertook the study as part of their overall effort to encourage federal agencies to offer telework options to more employees. The study provides anecdotal evidence showing that a variety of federal agencies and their employees are benefiting from telework.

Most Of Fortune's "Best Companies" Offer Telecommuting
According to Fortune Magazine, America's 100 Best Companies to Work For have pushed their employee-pleasing ways further than, blazing a trail for all organizations wanting to thrive in today's economic world.

The Quiet Success: Telecommuting's Impact on Transportation and Beyond
Telecommuting is the only commute mode, besides single occupancy driving, that has increased its market share since 1980. According to a November 2005 Reason Foundation study, "The Quiet Success: Telecommuting's Impact On Transportation And Beyond", telecommuting is uniquely suited to compete with solo driving to and from work. No matter how fast driving alone might be, it will never be faster than avoiding the trip entirely.

The Ups and Downs of Always Being Connected
While technology exists that enables employees to remain "connected" at all times, telecommuting experts caution telecommuters to be aware of the inability to "shut it off." Moreover, experts encourage employees not to feel the necessity of being constantly on the job.

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