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Smith Brothers Insurance
Kim Connolly, Vice-President
Glastonbury, CT

Telecommute CT Provides Excellent Human Resource Services
I thought the quality of Telecommute Connecticut was excellent. They followed up with me several times to make sure that we had implemented the documentation that they sent us. I found their HR consultant to very helpful and she even came back and did a tune up for us, a telework tune up, recently.

Employee Retention
In 2002 one of employees husbands was transferred to Texas.... and because the industry is so small, meaning there aren't a lot of good quality people, we didn't want to lose her. So Telecommute Connecticut came in, helped us with our human resources issues, training us as far as how your to treat a telecommuter...and so we had set her up and Telecommute Connecticut came in...and I just found them to be very helpful in formalizing our telecommuting program.

A Plus for Recruiting
New professional people that we're recruiting, ask about telecommuting. They want the option to telecommute, so it's not an option for us any longer. We need to have telecommuting in place to attract good quality people. I think if I ever got rid of telecommuting I would lose several key people to an employer that offers it.

Work Life Balance
I always tell employees that I think it's really important that they go see Johnny's school play because Johnny's only going to be in the school play once. The work is still going to be there and they can get it done after the play is over. My son played basketball in high school and I didn't miss a game. But, that didn't mean I didn't come home right away and check my email and make sure that I was on top of what I needed to be on top of.

Reduced Absenteeism
Absenteeism has decreased tremendously. A lot of times people will call me in the morning and say, "I just don't feel well." And in the past they would have struggled to come in to work. Now they keep their germs at home and they get their jobs done at the same time.

Disaster Planning
I think telecommuting has really helped us in our disaster planning. Right now we don't have to plan to have an office big enough to house everybody. We just have to be able to plan to have a server that they can connect to from their home.

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