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Print Media
- March 14, 2011
Hartford Business Journal
Gas prices have CT employees looking for workplace alternatives

- February 2, 2011
Stamford Advocate
For many workers, snow day means a virtual commute

- November 16, 2010
Connecticut Technology Council
Telecommute Connecticut provides CT Companies with expert assistance in every aspect of creating and maintaining a successful telecommuting program - all available at no charge.

- August 4, 2008
The New London Day
New state survey finds employers favor idea of telecommuting

- August 1, 2008
Hartford Courant
Rocked by high gas prices, Connecticut workers are pleading with their employers for help in reducing commuting costs.

- June 25, 2008
Stamford Advocate
5-second commute: Gas prices are newest incentive to work from home

- April 15, 2007
The Record Journal
Teleworkers, divide! You have nothing to lose but your commutes!

- April 1, 2007
Stamford Advocate
"Study: More employees are keeping jobs at home"

- March 31, 2007
New Haven Register
"Workers leave car in garage and telecommute"

- March 27, 2007
Hartford Courant
"The Shortest Commute
Working At Home Becomes More Common, Cutting Costs, Traffic And Pollution"

- December 4, 2006
Fairfield County Business Journal
"Productivity Cited as Greatest Telecommuting Benefit to Fairfield County Businesses"

- September 2006
Connecticut Business Magazine
"What�s Good for the Employee is Good for the Organization"

- September 1, 2006
Stamford Advocate
"When Telecommuting Works, It's Win/Win"

- August 21, 2006
Fairfield County Business Journal
"Bridgeport Best City for Telecommuting"

- July 24, 2006
Hartford Business Journal
"Flexible Options - State Telecommute Group Pushes Fuel Savings Idea"

Television & Radio Media
- June 27, 2008
WVIT-TV, Channel 30 (NBC), CT News Today
Laura Collins, Human Resources Consultant for Telecommute Connecticut talks with Yvonne Nava, host of WVIT-TV�s morning news broadcast about the rise of telecommuting in Connecticut.

- April 28, 2007
WTNH-TV, Channel 8
Jean Stimolo, Program Manager for Telecommute Connecticut and Karen Lawler, Director Health Information for Hospital of Saint Raphael speak about telecommuting.

- July 14, 2006
WVIT-TV, Channel 30 (NBC), CT News Today
Jean Stimolo, Program Manager for Telecommute Connecticut and James Stirling of Stirling Benefits speak with Keisha Grant about the popular trend of telecommuting. Ms. Stimolo discusses how Telecommute Connecticut helps employers, while Mr. Stirling explains how Telecommute Connecticut helped his business implement telecommuting while avoiding thousands of dollars of mistakes.

- July 3, 2006
WTIC-AM, News/Talk 1080, Mornings with Ray and Diane
James Lush, Project Manager for Telecommute Connecticut talks to Ray Dunaway about telecommuting, including how many telecommuters nationwide and in Connecticut, jobs suitable to telecommuting, as well as the benefits to employers and employees.

- June 15, 2006
WTNH-TV, Channel 8 (ABC), Good Morning CT
Chris Velardi speaks with Jean Stimolo, Program Manager for Telecommute Connecticut and James Stirling of Stirling Benefits about the increase in telecommuting as gas prices rise. Ms. Stimolo discusses why Connecticut cities are ranked among the best in the nation for telecommuting and Mr. Velardi discusses why the program has to work for both the employer and the employee to be successful.

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