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Hospital of Saint Raphael
Karen Lawler
New Haven, CT

Telecommute CT Provides Experience
The Hospital of Saint Raphael's been partnering with Telecommute Connecticut for five years. It's been an excellent relationship. When we first began to envision a telecommute program, we knew what we wanted but we did not have the experience and know-how to get there. Telecommute Connecticut helped to make our vision a reality.

Telecommute CT Offers Critical Guidance
Telecommute Connecticut helped us establish a plan and helped us determine if it was viable. They helped us break down barriers, develop a self-select process for employees to figure out if they could telecommute. And they also helped to establish telecommuting policies and procedures.

A Boost to Recruiting Employees
I would encourage other employers to talk with Telecommute Connecticut . Telecommuting can help with recruitment or difficult to fill positions. It can help retain good people. The availability of part-time telecommuting in addition to the overall stature and credibility of our organization made Saint Raphael's very attractive. In a recent recruitment effort, I believe telecommuting was a key selling point and it made us an employer of choice.

Productivity Increases
Market research suggests that there is a twenty to thirty percent increase in productivity from telecommuting. We have found that at Saint Raphael's too. And while it increases productivity, it's the quality of life for telecommuters that is so important.

Telecommute CT's Free Services Are Outstanding
Since the services are free to the employers, until I met the Telecommute Connecticut folks, and really started to sit down and go through the program, I was very skeptical. But after our second or third meeting, I thought "Wow, this is really going to work" and people really need to know that this program is for free.

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