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Telecommute Connecticut!
Program Backgrounder

Established in 1996, Telecommute Connecticut is a statewide commuter service program of the Connecticut Department of Transportation. The program provides free assistance to employers with the design, development and implementation of telecommuting programs. The program�s goal is to promote the viability of telecommuting as a flexible work option, which reduces the number of employee work trips, and therefore decreases traffic congestion, energy consumption and air pollution.

As a free and comprehensive resource for Connecticut employers, the Telecommute Connecticut team helps design and implement telecommuting programs that successfully meet companies� business needs, while helping employees balance their work and home lives and become more productive at the same time.

The program provides experienced professionals in the fields of human resources, training, telephony and technology, to name a few. Each telecommuting program designed and/or launched is completely customized for the business or organization seeking help. Set-up assistance and ongoing advisory services are free of charge to the employer. For more information on Telecommute Connecticut, visit www.telecommuteCT.com or call 1-800-255-7433.

For more information on Telecommute Connecticut call 1-800-255-7433.

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