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Outperform Your Competition by Leveraging Telecommuting to Enhance ROI

Return on Investment. It's one of the key components to a successful business. Balancing ROI, remaining competitive and improving job satisfaction, which is at its lowest level in two decades; these are issues Connecticut employers struggle with all the time.

Telecommute Connecticut (TCT), a free service to Connecticut business and industry, believes now is the perfect time to reassess ways in which to maximize your competitive advantage. TCT recently introduced its new Cost Benefit Analysis Calculator, which is designed to illustrate telecommuting's potential savings to employers without reducing their work force, compensation or benefits.

On March 3rd businesses around the state participated in a free TCT webinar hosted by Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA), during which participants were shown how Connecticut companies that offer telecommuting have been able to improve cost efficiency and ROI. Conducted by TCT's experienced consultants in Human Resources and Voice and Data Technologies, this 50-minute webinar helps make clearer how telecommuting helps reduce costs, retain valued employees, increase productivity, enhance customer service, expand business operations and address continuity concerns.

Entitled "Outperform Your Competition By Leveraging Telecommuting to Enhance ROI," and now available on-line on-demand, this presentation addresses ways in which to quantify cost savings from each telecommuter you employ. TCT's webinar discusses primary motivators for other Connecticut businesses offering telecommuting as an option, as well as how it helps achieve business objectives. It also contains information on important cost savings benchmarks related to telecommuting and how to track them. Additionally, the fact that many of Connecticut businesses with a continuity plan in progress include telecommuting as a strategy, or are evaluating this as an option is discussed.

Join us for what will be an enlightening, motivating solution to balancing the art of ROI, employee satisfaction and cost reduction. To watch the Webinar now, click here.

About Telecommute Connecticut
Funded through the Connecticut Department of Transportation, TCT is a statewide initiative, which has provided free assistance to over 200 Connecticut employers with the design, development and implementation of telecommuting as a work-site alternative.

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