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Working at home has increased substantially since 2001

  • Based on total statewide employment, it is estimated there are more than 158,000 telecommuters in Connecticut, compared to an estimated 85,260 in December 2001. This equates to an 86% increase.
  • Nine percent of working Connecticut residents telecommute on a regular basis.
  • One out of three Connecticut residents work from home at least occasionally.

Telecommuting Works

  • For Employers: According to the Connecticut Business Industry Association "(CBIA) 2006 Fairfield/Westchester County Business Survey," productivity gains (38.2%), reduced turnover (34.5%) and reduced traffic/congestion (25.5%) account for top benefits stated by employers.

  • For Employees: Telecommuters are positive about working at home.
  • Ninety-five percent of Connecticut telecommuters' have positive feelings about working from home. The top three comments:
    1. 50%     "Helps me manage both home and personal activities."
    2. 46%     "I really enjoy working at home."
    3. 45%     "Not having to commute is one of the best things about working from home."

  • For Connecticut:  Every telecommuter makes a difference.
    It is estimated on an average day, telecommuting currently eliminates nearly 60,000 automobiles from Connecticut roadways.

  • Based on the number of Connecticut telecommuters, distance from their worksites and the number of reported telecommuting days, the estimated reduction in vehicle miles traveled is nearly 45 million each month.  This equates to:
    • An estimated reduction of nearly 540 million vehicle miles traveled each year.
    • An estimated 28.6 million gallons of gas saved each year.
    • An estimated 81,000 tons of air pollution reduced every year.
Frequency of telecommuting is up
  • Employees who telecommute spend an average of 9.7 days per month at home; an increase of 10% since 2001.
  • An estimated 53% of all telecommuters work at home four or fewer days each month. On average, they spend 17% of their total work hours at home.
  • An estimated 47% of all telecommuters work at home five or more days each month. On average, they spend 57% of their total work hours at home.
A continuing trend
  • Just over half of all telecommuters in the state have been working at home for two years or more; demonstrating the fact that telecommuting is proving successful for this group.
  • Nearly one of four telecommuters (23%) began telecommuting within the past six months.
Telecommuters have longer-than-average commutes
  • On average, telecommuters live 18 miles from their work - approximately five miles further than employees who commute to a worksite fulltime.
  • On average, telecommuters' work trips take nearly 40% longer than the average commuter.

Telecommuters save a tremendous amount of money

  • It's estimated that all of Connecticut telecommuters combined reduce commuting costs by an average of $334.8 million per year (using AAA's average cost per mile for 10,000 miles per year/composite average for small, medium and large-sized sedans).
  • Each telecommuter reduces their annual commuting cost by an estimated average of $2,104 per year (using AAA's average cost per mile for 10,000 miles per year/composite average for small, medium and large-sized sedans).

Where Connecticut telecommuters live and work

  • The majority (86%) of telecommuters report to a worksite in Connecticut.
  • Approximately 14% of Connecticut residents report to an out-of-state location (majority in New York and Massachusetts).
  • Telecommuting in Hartford and Fairfield counties is slightly higher than the statewide average. 
  • Fairfield county is home to the largest group of those who work at home to make up for time off during regular business hours.

Industries of Connecticut telecommuters (top five listed)

  1. 15% -- Professional Services
  2. 14% -- Manufacturing
  3. 13% -- Financial Services
  4. 11% -- Health Services
  5. 10% -- Education

Job functions performed at home

  1. 43% -- Working with documents
  2. 40% -- Working with data
  3. 28% -- Transactions
  4. 27% -- Handling sales/customer service calls
  5. 21% -- Design/development
  6. 25% -- Other (child/elder care, product/repair maintenance, online, teaching/education, household tasks and other)

Definition of a Telecommuter: 
Someone who works at home one or more days per month during normal working hours.  This definition excludes home-based businesses, those who work off site for after-hours catch up and those who work remotely when they travel.

The 2007 Survey of Connecticut telecommuters consisted of online interviews with 1,774 respondents between August 16, 2006 – August 28, 2006; a response rate of 10.2%.  Respondents reported on a total of 3,002 workers in their households, for a total sample size similar to the survey conducted in 2001.

The panel was balanced to reflect the overall characteristics of all Connecticut households in terms of geographic dispersion, age, educational level and income. 

To measure changes in various forms of telecommuting, the survey duplicated the basic questions used in the previous surveys.  In addition, several questions were added to provide qualitative insight into the type of work done from home, feelings about working at home and awareness about telecommuting.

Anyone interested in learning more about the program is encouraged contact Telecommute Connecticut at 1.800.255.7433.


About Telecommute Connecticut
Telecommute Connecticut, a commuter service of the Connecticut Department of Transportation, provides employers with free assistance to design, develop and implement telecommuting programs.  The overall goal of the state program is to decrease traffic congestion, energy consumption and air pollution throughout the state.  For more information, contact 1.800.255.7433.

Release: March 26, 2007 -
Media Contact: Shannon Eterginio, (860) 677-5031

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