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Maintaining Good Relationships with Your Non-Telecommuting Coworkers

One of the realities you face as a telecommuter is the attitude your non-telecommuting coworkers may have toward you, if they feel you have been given a privilege that they were not offered. So writes Stephanie Greenside, the Telecommuting host for the web site BellaOnline.

According to Ms. Greenside, the following situations could occur if you're telecommuting and your teammates are not:
  • Your colleagues may schedule meetings when you are working at home.
  • At those meetings, your work is criticized and your ideas may be ignored.
  • Even though you are doing a fine job, some non-telecommuters may feel you are not doing your fair share.
  • Some of your co-workers may develop a feeling of resentment toward you.

Ms. Greenside recommends that you solidify your relationship with your coworkers by staying connected. For example:
  • Be understanding. Put yourself in your coworkers' place and ask how you would feel if you were stuck at the office and someone else was given a telecommuting option.
  • Maintain regular and open communications with your coworkers and managers.
  • Explain to your coworkers why you wanted or needed to explore telecommuting and how you went about securing a telecommuting arrangement.
  • If problems persist with your coworkers, discuss the situation with your manager and try to come up with a solution.

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