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Are you a good candidate for Telecommutting?

Determining whether or not you may be considered for telecommuting will depend on how you have demonstrated necessary competencies. Review past performance reviews, past projects and whatever work history is available. Telecommuting approval will be based on concrete performance factors.

Yes No Don't
Not counting "catch-up" work before or after normal business hours, do you feel the nature of your job activities would allow you to do any work at home on a regular or occasional basis?
Would you like to work at home some of the time?
Within the responsibilities of your position, are there portable components - meaning tasks that can be performed from your home as at the traditional worksite?
If performing portable tasks from home, will you be able to maintain current levels of productivity and work quality?
Do you have provisions for dependent care (child, elder, pet)?
Do you have an appropriate space that can be used as a home worksite?
Does your home worksite have access to appropriate connectivity based on your work's technological requirements?