If you're unsure about whether -- or how -- to start a telecommuting program, or if you need additional supporting evidence for the idea, a recently-produced video from Telecommute CT! can help. It's called "Telecommuting -- the Road to Success". The video features Connecticut employers -- such as Sikorsky Aircraft, Pitney Bowes, Hartford Insurance Group and Connecticut Medical Claims Management -- who have considerable experience with telecommuting. Executives from these companies reveal the lessons they've learned along the way. The video also looks at telecommuting from the teleworker's point of view and features interviews with people who use their home as a remote office. Viewers will get tips on how to set up a home-based office and how to balance work and home life. The video discusses the benefits of telecommuting for employees and employers and provides a set of guidelines for making telecommuting programs a success. This video will make an effective resource when you get together with employees and senior management to introduce and promote the concept of telecommuting at your company.