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Telecommute CT! helps LeadMasters
Generate Pilot Program

Stamford-based LeadMasters helps client companies - such as American Express and MetLife - generate sales appointments with qualified prospects. LeadMasters needs people with substantial business experience who can successfully make exploratory phone calls and reach high level executives in the prospects' organizations. The challenge is to recruit and retain such well qualified individuals in today's competitive job market, especially given the long commute faced by many current employees and potential recruits. So LeadMasters considered telecommuting.

New Study Measures Telecommuting in Connecticut for the First Time
How many Connecticut workers actually telecommute? Until now, nobody knew. So earlier this year, Telecommute CT! commissioned a statewide survey of employers and employees in order to quantify telecommuting in Connecticut and gauge attitudes about it.

Telecommute CT!'s Top 10 List
Steps Toward a Successful Telecommuting Program - Want to start a telecommuting program at your company but don't know how? Our Top-10 list of crucial steps will give you an idea of what it takes.

Free Video on Telecommuting
If you're unsure about whether - or how - to start a telecommuting program for your employees, or if you need additional supporting evidence for the idea, a new video from Telecommute Connecticut! will help you considerably. It's called "Telecommuting - The Road to Success".

  • The video features Connecticut employers and teleworkers who share their experiences and insights on telecommuting.
  • The video promotes the benefits of telecommuting for employees and employers and provides a set of guidelines that will provide a greater probability of success of any telecommuting program.
To get your free copy of the video, call Telecommute Connecticut! toll-free from anywhere in Connecticut at 1-800-255-7433. Outside Connecticut, dial 1-203-777-7433. Ask for extension 134 - or click here to order online.

Some Common Concerns About Telecommuting
Why don't all employers offer a telecommuting option? Many share certain concerns, which often stem from a lack of first-hand experience with telecommuting.

Survey Says: "People Want To Telecommute"
The demand for telecommuting is high, not just in Connecticut but nationwide, according to a recent UCONN/Rutgers study. In fact, worker demand for telecommuting currently outstrips employers' willingness to offer a telecommuting option - a finding similar to a study published by Telecommute CT!.

Telecommute Connecticut! c/o RideWorks, 195 Church Street, New Haven, CT 06510
Phone: 1-800-ALL-RIDE (in CT) or 203-777-RIDE, FAX 203-777-5014
Email: [email protected]

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