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George Howe’s company was bursting at the seams, with cramped quarters at his headquarters in Shelton. On the verge of signing a lease for additional office space that would have added significantly to overhead and reduced profitability, Howe contacted the professionals at Telecommute Connecticut! to explore the feasibility of telework for his business.

After contacting Telecommute Connecticut!, a no-cost analysis of Howe’s organization determined that some of the firm’s financial and data entry staff were ideal candidates for telecommuting. Telecommute Connecticut! experts provided assistance to work with Howe to develop a formal telecommuting policy that met his business’ needs, including establishing policy guidelines, criteria and training recommendations and conducting a needs analysis prior to implementation. A pilot program was launched, with full implementation following soon thereafter.

While Telecommute Connecticut! analysis revealed that several categories of Gregory & Howe’s staff were well-suited to telework, the needs assessment revealed that improvement in technology and telephony was needed to fully implement the telework program. The program launched after the improvements were made.

  • Increased Company Revenues: The telework program improved the company’s use of existing office space, eliminating the need for additional, costly office space and new workstations.
  • Thousands of dollars saved in overhead translated to increased company profits.
  • Increased Productivity = No Payroll Increase: Teleworkers’ productivity increased as they were able to work during time previously spent commuting to and from the office. As a result, Gregory & Howe was able to postpone pending payroll additions that would have diminished company revenues.
  • Increased Net Pay For Employees: Telecommuting allowed employees to reduce their expenses associated with working, such as commutation - leaving them with more money netted from their paychecks.
“The people at Telecommute Connecticut! are the best. You couldn’t ask for more…extremely sensitive to concerns of people in the company. The entire process could not have been handled more professionally.”
George Howe, Chief Operating Officer, Gregory & Howe, Shelton, CT

Telecommute Connecticut! c/o RideWorks, 195 Church Street, New Haven, CT 06510
Phone: 1-800-ALL-RIDE (in CT) or 203-777-RIDE, FAX 203-777-5014
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