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01/01/2003 00:00:00 - 12/31/2004 23:59:59 Saturday July 17, 2004 - 04:01:31
 General Statistics Help
The Visitor Sessions graph identifies the general location of the visitors to your Web site. The General Statistics table includes statistics on the total activity for this web site during the designated time frame.

Hits Entire Site (Successful) 1,350,951
Average Per Day 2,395
Home Page 20,011
Page Views Page Views (Impressions) 137,785
Average Per Day 244
Document Views 136,338
Visitor Sessions Visitor Sessions 81,512
Average Per Day 144
Average Visitor Session Length 00:15:39
International Visitor Sessions 3.81%
Visitor Sessions of Unknown Origin 11.97%
Visitor Sessions from United States 84.21%
Visitors Unique Visitors 18,827
Visitors Who Visited Once 14,983
Visitors Who Visited More Than Once 3,844

General Statistics - Help Card

 The Statistics table shows the date and time the report was generated. All dates and times refer to the location of the system running the analysis.
Timeframe - Beginning date and time of the log file.

Hits - A count of successful hits for the document not including the supporting graphic files on the page. Files considered web pages are those with the following extensions: .htm, .html, .asp, and a few others. These are defined by the File Types tab in the Options window.
The total number of hits - A count of all successful hits including HTML pages, pictures, forms, scripts, and downloaded files.
Tip: Visit for a detailed explanation of pages and visitor sessions.
Hits: Entire Site (Successful) - A count of hits that had a "success" status code.
Hits: Average Per Day - Number of Successful Hits divided by the total number of days in the log.
Hits: Home Page - Number of times the home page was visited. This statistic is derived from the Home Page settings in the profile.

Page Views (Impressions): Total - A count of hits to pages defined as documents or forms in the File Types tab. You can define how forms and documents are counted by modifying the Document Extensions and File Types settings. The supporting graphics on pages are not counted.
Page Views: Average Per Day - Number of page views (impressions) divided by the total number of days in the log.
Page Views: Document Views - A count of hits to pages that are considered documents as defined by the File Types tab in the Options window. This does not include files that have been defined as forms.

Visitor Sessions: Total - A count of the visitor sessions to your site. The length of a visitor session is defined in the General tab in the Options window.
Average Number of Visitor Sessions Per Day -Number of visitor sessions divided by the total number of days in the log.
Average Visitor Session Length -Average of non-zero length visitor sessions in the log.

Visitor Session for International, Unknown, and the United States summarize the origin of visitors in percentages of hits. Geographic location is logged in the User Domain field. How it is reported is determined by the Domains tab in the Options window.

Visitors - A count of unique IPs for the period of the report, whether or not they were authenticated using domain names or cookies.
Visitors: Unique Visitors - Unique visitors are counted using the visitor's IP address, domain name, or cookie. Persistent cookies are defined in Cookies tab in the Options window. Cookies give the most accurate count.
Visitors: Visitors Who Visited Once - A count of visitor sessions that occurred only once throughout the log file.
Visitors: Visitors Who Visited More Than Once - The count of visitor sessions that appeared more than once in the log file. By default a visitor session is 30 minutes.

 The General Stats table gives a general overview of the Web site's performance and your visitor's behavior, helping you quickly assess areas to address. It can determine the report chapters to focus on for valuable site enhancement statistics.

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