ATA - American Telecommuting Association

Millions of people in the United States and around the world are discovering the power, the pleasure, and the productivity improvement that comes with Telecommuting to work. This is your invitation to join us and get your share of these benefits, and the even broader benefits of Membership in a full-service association. 

Canadian Telework Association

The Canadian Telework Association (CTA) is a Canadian non-profit telework association dedicated to promoting telework in Canada. Our membership includes individuals, small businesses, corporations and governments, who wish to share information or best practices. 

Connecticut Technology Council

The Connecticut Technology Council is a partnership of Connecticut providers and users of technology committed to growing and diversifying the state's technology base. The council is an advocate for technology businesses, and the science, technology, business, education and public policy issues relevant to the interests of its members.

ITAC - International Telework Association and Council

Europe's Telework Association

The European Community Telework/Telematics Forum is the framework across European Union member states for concertation on telework and related telematics applications. The ECTF promotes teleworking and the exchange and dissemination of information between telework projects and organisations interested in telework. These actions are carried out by means of seminars, conferences and publications.

MATAC - The Metro Atlanta Telecommuting Advisory Council

InnoVisions Canada and the Canadian Telework Association

Site is shared by the Canadian Telework Association (CTA), a non-profit association dedicated to promoting telework in Canada, and by InnoVisions Canada, consultants specializing in flexible work arrangements.

SHRM - Society for Human Resource Management

Southern Connecticut Shapter of SHRM

Interagency Telework/Telecommuting Site
The joint General Services Administration/Office of Personnel Management web site on Telework/Telecommuting. These two agencies have established this location to provide access to guidance issued by
both agencies.

The Telework Coalition

Dedicated to the Advancement of Telework and Telecommuting and Those Who Support Us. Through our efforts we will help the number of teleworkers and telecommuters grow to reach what we feel is its true potential. We will create opportunities for the businesses and services that support our efforts and us, and have invested so much time and money developing the tools and technologies necessary to establish successful telework programs.

TSHBI - Telecommuting Safety Health Benefits Institute

This site advocates the safety and health benefits of telecommuting.

STRATIS Business Centers

STRATIS Business Centers, leaders in the executive suite industry,
provide fully staffed and equipped offices, conference rooms,
telecommunications and business support plus much, much more.

Ergonomics At Work
Ergonomic awareness, the first step to improving health and productivity. This section contains an extensive collection of articles relating to office ergonomics.

Gil Gordon Associates

This site -- operating since May 1995 -- consolidates a wide variety of information from around the world, and from many different perspectives, on the subjects of telecommuting, teleworking, the virtual office, and related topics.

Telecommuting Jobs

AT&T survey reveals boomers taking control of their lives through telework (1997)

Teleworkers report career boosts, enhanced relationships and minimal isolation

The Ecology of the Mobile Worker - Cornell University International Workplace Studies Program (1995)
This research assessed the effects on the sales force of a large American computer company of adopting a mobile workplace strategy in which sales staff could choose to work at home, a telework center with nonterritorial workstations, or at their customer's.

Ergonomics At Work

Ergonomic awareness, the first step to improving health and productivity. This section contains an extensive collection of articles relating to office ergonomics.

The Federal Flexible Workplace Pilot Project: Work-A-Home Component (1993)

This evaluation of the work-at-home component of the Federal Flexible Workplace Pilot Project (Flexiplace) was developed for use by the President's Council on Management Improvement (PCMI). Flexiplace is a Governmentwide, nationwide project which allows Federal employees to work at home or at geographically convenient satellite offices for part of the workweek.

Gil Gordon Associates

Gil Gordon is known around the world as one of the foremost telecommuting experts. Since establishing his consulting practice in 1982, he has specialized in helping private- and public-sector firms establish successful telecommuting programs, and in advising providers of products and services on effective marketplace strategies.

JALA International

JALA, an international group of management consultants, was incorporated in California in 1982 but goes back to the early 1970s when they helped establish the world's first telework center. JALA'S mission is to help organizations make effective use of information technology--telecommunications and computers--and to better cope with the accelerating rate of change in the business environment. 

JALA - Telecommuting Forcasting Graph (USA)

This is a forecast of the expected total number of US telecommuters (last modified: 11/4/98) 

Making Your Case for Telecommuting: How to Convince the Boss

Porta Jobs


Small Office/Home Office. Resources for telecommuters, freelancers, home based business owners and those looking for work at home jobs.

Telecommuting Field Guide

Field Guide to Telecommuting: Tips, Traps and Issues to Consider
When Managing Telecommuters By Anne-Marie Siudzinski, Information Specialist National Association of Realitors

Telecommuting Saves Businesses, Government Agencies Millions

Once heralded as the workplace of the future, telecommuting is thriving today and saving companies millions. About 25 percent of IBM's 320,000 workers worldwide telecommute from home offices, saving $ 700 million in real estate costs, said Jeanette Barlow, marketing manager for IBM Lotus. IBM reaps additional benefits in higher worker productivity and a happy work force

Telecommuting: Who, What, Where, How

Resources for exploring the topic of Telecommuting. This document is a compilation of links to information about telecommuting for businesses of all sizes and for a variety of occupations.

Work-At-Home Success

This sites purpose is to provide free information on all aspects of working at home including starting a business, telecommuting, and avoiding scams.

The Working Mother's Resource for Negotiating Flexible Work

YouCanWorkFromAnywhere - Infocenter
Looking for some quick facts and figures on telecommuting? Need to know how many telecommuters there are, how much money companies save with telecommuting or other important telework statistics? Here are links to various statistics and other research on telecommuting, work/life balance and alternative officing.

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Rideworks is a regional, non-profit company working to get people to commute any way except by driving alone. We offer free help finding the options that best fit your needs, whether it's a carpool, vanpool, bus or train. Based in New Haven, Rideworks serves a 38 town region of south-central Connecticut.

You Belong in Connecticut

You Belong in Connecticut is the state's umbrella slogan for economic development outreach programs. Residents, potential residents, businesses in Connecticut and those considering Connecticut for their next location should all know that this state offers what we believe is the nation's best quality of life and most nurturing business environment.

Telecommuting Technology

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