Yes Connecticut, Telecommuting Works!

Telecommute CT! would like to provide some perspective on the most common myths about telecommuting. When properly planned and implemented, a telecommuting program will work and yield substantial benefits.

Myth #1: The necessary technology is too expensive and complex.
The investment to equip most remote workers can be minimal, because the vast majority of tasks that can be done off site do not require access to a large database or the swapping of huge files. Often, all that's required is the ability to communicate with the office or with customers. Remember: The nature of the work determines the telephony and technology requirements for the telecommuting employee. Even with a job such as Customer Service Rep, which often requires high speed connectivity and substantial security to enable authorized access to a corporate database, many companies have already seen that such a level of investment pays for itself.

Myth #2: The work won't get done.
Our experience in fact shows that, when properly trained, telecommuting employees do get the job done -- usually with improved productivity. Managers without prior experience supervising telecommuting employees sometimes worry that since they can't see an employee, they can't be sure that he or she is working on the company's behalf. Recent studies have shown sizable improvements in productivity by telecommuters. Why? There are a few keys to making it happen. One is selecting the right kind of person to work off site -- someone who is personally well suited to work without direct supervision. A second key is Trust. Trust is enhanced by frequent communication between employees and their managers. A third key is Training. You have to prepare employees and their managers for their new working relationship, including specifying the tasks that will be performed by telecommuters. Our experience shows that properly trained telecommuting employees improve productivity, as well as the quality of their work, and managers gain peace of mind.

Myth #3: We won't know if telecommuting really works.
Everything is measurable, including productivity. Even employers who believe telecommuting works may not know exactly how to track the results. The key here is to specify -- preferably in writing -- the responsibilities of the telecommuter, including measurable goals and concrete deliverables. Be very clear. Specify the work that will get done and the timetable for completing that work. With an identifiable set of objectives and a system of measurement, it will be easy to determine that telecommuting works for you and for your qualifying employees.

Telecommuting works. A growing number of companies (see "Connecticut's Telecommuting Friendly Companies") have proven it. Setting measurable goals can make it work. Telecommute CT! stands ready to help you - for free. Just contact us.