More Evidence that Telework Reduces Real Estate Costs

One of the key benefits of telework (or telecommuting) touted by telework advocates is the potential to save companies money on real estate. Recently, as reported by Jeff Zbar at, those who should know most about this benefit got together. The International Telework Association and Council (ITAC) and the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) held a joint conference to share insights and experiences, helping to bridge a gap between two business functions that rarely communicate or collaborate with one another -- facilities managers and HR professionals.

Pointing Out the Savings
ITAC President, John Edwards notes that "helping facilities managers learn about the cost savings of telecommuting gives HR folks a stronger argument for expanding programs." Michael A Bell, from the Stamford CT-based research firm, Gartner Group, pointed out that telework can save facility managers 15 to 25% or more on future real estate costs.
According to Bell, most companies might not realize an immediate saving, but they will be able to eliminate the need to expand floor space as they add on future employees. The real challenge, says Bell, is the reduction of space: "People build facilities savings into cost analyses, but they can't get rid of the cube. If they could, they would save serious money."

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