Maintaining Good Relationships with Your Non-Telecommuting Coworkers

One of the realities you face as a telecommuter is the attitude your non-telecommuting coworkers may have toward you, if they feel you have been given a privilege which they were not offered. So writes Stephanie Greenside, the Telecommuting host for the web site: BellaOnline. According to Ms. Greenside, if you're telecommuting and your teammates are not:

Here's what Ms. Greenside recommends that you do to combat the possible negative attitudes cited above:

NOTE: BellaOnline is a web site created by women to address issues faced by women in such areas as Careers, Health, Family, Health & Fitness, Finances, and other topics. They bill themselves as "The Voice of Women on The Web." While telecommuting is not a women-only issue, many women find telecommuting an important option to achieve work/life balance.