Telecommute CT! Helps Shelton Firm Grow Business, Not Expenses

Success is a double-edged sword. Rapid growth often requires spending on additional personnel and facilities to handle that growth. Just ask Gregory and Howe, Inc. This 14-person, Shelton-based firm develops, implements and manages drug and alcohol testing programs for companies of all sizes throughout the U.S.

The Problem:  How to Manage Dramatic Growth 
Though business has been good, success presented a problem. "We were going through dramatic growth," says President and CEO George Howe, "and we were contemplating additional office space." More space meant more costs, as did the prospect of hiring more people. In addition, a key person was going on maternity leave.

The Solution:  Telecommuting
Howe then talked with Telecommute CT! "The concept of having some of the people here who do financial work and other data entry work leaving the office to work at home was a spectacular idea for us," says Howe," because it eliminated the necessity to go out and get additional office space." According to Howe, his employees who might telecommute liked the idea that they could reduce the time and costs associated with traveling to and from the office every day.

What Telecommute CT! Did for Gregory & Howe
Telecommute CT! helped put the idea into practice. "Telecommute Connecticut! came in with their team of people who were excellent," says Howe. "They did a needs assessment [including] our network and telephone system, which proved to be very helpful." The Telecommute CT! team assisted with rolling out the program. "They were very sensitive to people's concerns," Howe points out. "They were tactful and professional and gave our people a comfort level that their jobs were not in jeopardy, and that telecommuting would only enhance productivity."

Results and Benefits
The results so far are excellent. "Overall it was a great program," says Howe. "I didn't have to rent additional office space, open another office with three workstations, and hire additional people. The employees were very appreciative. Their daily expenses are reduced significantly."

Lessons Learned
Howe offers this advice: "If you are growing rapidly, and you have people you trust -- particularly in operational functions such as bookkeeping and accounting -- do it. Your employees will be happier. And you'll save a lot of money on additional office space."

As for the Telecommute CT! team, Howe adds, "They are the best. You couldn't ask for more. Extremely sensitive to concerns of people in the company. It couldn't have been handled more professionally."

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